Prediction for the football match Mainz 05 – Augsburg

So the return of the championships and the first game of the German championship where the teams that have nothing to do with European competition and which are located below the middle of the tournament table will meet.

Both teams came to this fight with a rather negative balance and have problems getting victories in the championship games, which brought them closer to the bottom of the tournament table. Therefore, both teams need to stop negative statistics, so that the result, according to statistics, can play in either direction. And when such an alignment arises, then there remains one most likely outcome – a draw.

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Mainz has always been a standard draw team and therefore the next draw will not come as a surprise to them. The same goes for Augsburg, a draw for them is a standard result. Doubts so far about full-time fights where just a draw should ripen because between themselves they painted peaceful outcomes for a long time and only one goal brought victory.

Therefore, in this game I think that there will be goals scored, and if there is a peaceful outcome, then the teams will take turns to win the halves, although if it is still not a draw, despite the low odds for Mainz’s victory, I still think Augsburg can win this game on the contrary, like they this was done in the last face-to-face meeting. Was the post interesting and informative? Want to get more free predictions every day? Then subscribe to updates on the Live Score portal and keep abreast of all sports events.

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