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    The regarded sport took roots from the 19th century and became the most popular variant of the rocket game. Compared to badminton or table tennis, the considered one is played on the bigger courts and requires more physical power to be successful. In terms of popularity, it can be compared with boxing, which is the most popular individual sport. One of the common features is a duelling approach – one person wins, and the other loses. For instance, athletics competitions are also based on individuals, but they are competing in larger groups, which scatters the focus of supporters.

    Another vital element to mention is the game’s stable financing, which was formed years ago. The top tennis players like Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic often take leading positions in the ratings of top-earning sportsmen. Of course, the financial side correlates with the viewer’s attention, which is huge all over the world. According to statistics, almost 100 million people play tennis themselves, while the supporting crowd is much bigger and has plenty of reasons to pay more attention to live scores instead of watching the game online.

    Hundreds of millions of tennis supporters know the exact schedule of the Grand Slam tournaments. As they are played on different continents, it creates significant obstacles for the true fans to watch all the matches online. And here, the tennis live scores come to the rescue.

    Match live statistics allows all the people to know the result of the game immediately. The recent text and animated broadcasting are available for everyone, while can help to understand what is going on in the game. Without a doubt, nothing can replace live game watching and receiving all the spectrum of emotions. However, between the live score following and knowing nothing about the game, tennis fans will definitely choose the first.

    Another cluster of people who can prefer live scores instead of online game watching is bettors. Even those who love team games and how to use live football score in wagering develop their own strategies for tennis battles. There are not so many aspects to understand to be successful in rocket game betting, and live scores play a vital role in this regard.

    In other words, competitions between the teams require the nice preparation of every sportsman. Although every chain in the squad’s link is important, the real influence on the overall result is no more than 10% if the player is totally unready for the game (in football, for instance). In individual sports, a 70%-ready athlete means 30% lower chances to win against a fully-prepared sportsman. As only during the game one can understand who is ready for the game, live scores become extremely important in tennis wagering.

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      How to use a tennis match live score to win more?

      Some multiple strategies and approaches can be applied to win in tennis betting. However, there is no need to advertise them or persuade someone that one or another approach is the best. All the wagering strategies are effective only if the bettor understands and believes in it. Let’s review the key aspects that influence tennis outcomes the most and what should be done before making the first wager.

      There are three main types of courts in tennis:

      • clay (ground, like on Roland-Garros)
      • grass (Wimbledon)
      • hard (acrylic resins over concrete, like on the US or Australian Open)
      • carpet (rarely used, mostly for indoor games)

      The key difference between them lay in the plain of rebound high and speed, which is bigger for the grass and hard lawns. It also influences the playstyle and gives some advantages for the players with a powerful serve and those who are sure to be close to the net.

      Tennis players are usually divided into different schools, which usually means what type of court was their native. Thus, Spaniards are often linked with clay courts, so athletes like Nadal are more successful on Roland-Garros. American and Australian schools are linked to hardcover, even though the Melburn’s cover is suitable for both grass and clay tennis masters. So, when learning the latest statistics of the players and predicting their potential success, pay attention to the court type.

      In recent times, the fitness preparations for the top sportsmen have been on the highest level. Focus on particular tournaments, specific schools, former injuries – all these elements are influencing the training plan and athlete’s physical conditions. Also, elite masters can often enter the tournament not at best conditions, planning to be 100% ready in a week or few.

      All the previous aspects can be best analysed only during the game, and the general recommendation is to watch four games at first. Two chances to serve and receive help to understand how many mistakes one or another opponent is making and how ready they are for the battle. Just like with live cricket score, forecasting overs and unders become much easier, like the aces, tie-breaks, and all the wagering stuff in tennis betting.

      Has table tennis live score a different effect?

      Even though both tennis and table tennis seems to have many things in common, there are plenty of differences between them as well. Thus, ping pong doesn’t require a specific body type as small and thin sportsmen can hit the ball with the same effectiveness and speed as the strongmen. Also, there are not so many diversities in the table covers, which significantly influence the outcome.

      In short, pay attention to the following aspects when trying to guess the result and use table tennis live score:

      1. Rankings. That is one of the most comprehensive metrics to rely on when comparing two sportsmen in ping pong.
      2. Style. In tennis, right-handed or left-handed play style is a significant factor, while some sportsmen can switch hands just during the two consecutive knocks.
      3. Fitness. This item is common to all sports and definitely better understood only when analysing live score in ping pong.
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