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Martinez on France: Got stronger in three years. Three cool players for one position

Belgium coach Roberto Martinez played ahead of the UEFA Nations League semi-final against France in Turin today.

“Are we stronger than three years ago? I want to believe it. New faces came to the national team, from which I could choose the squad for this tournament. We had the opportunity to play together longer. Synchronization just got better. Players understand each other better. France also strengthened after the 2018 World Cup.

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They have a lot of good young players, Benzema returned to the national team. Mbappe has also made progress over these three years. They have at least three great players per position. Therefore, I think Deschamps will agree with me that France has also grown stronger over these three years, ”the specialist said. “Thielemans and Wanaken are two completely different players. They play in different parts of the field. But they are both very technical. Both of them greatly affect the way a team plays with the ball.

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Yuri comes forward more often, and Hans – more often into the penalty area. They are different, but both play an important role in our team. Two of our players, Denayer and Thorgan Azar, had problems. Denaier recovered completely. Unfortunately, Azar did not succeed. The health workers said he had better watch out and focus on his recovery. Therefore, we have replaced him in the application for the Theater, ”Martinez said.

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